All The Cool Kids Where Doing It...

So I figured I'd join the blogging world.
Hey everyone!
My name is Marisa, and I'm an upcoming freshman in high school from Massachusetts.

My two loves are dancing and writing.

In the fall I will be going into my twelveth year of dance, and it will be my fifth year competing. I take jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, and hip hop. I'm on a jazz and hip hop competition team. I started dance classes since I was three, but I've basically been dancing since I could walk.

Writing is a fairly new passion of mine. I started writing totally on a whim actually. I found a website last July where people were posting their books, and thought "hmm... I can do this..." I've always enjoyed creative writing assignments in English class, but I never actually thought to write something on my own. Now, a year later, I have completed my first book.

I suppose I should talk about my book. It's called
Dancing Through Life. I currently have it uploaded on InkPop, a website for aspiring teen fiction writers. It's currently ranked #5 out of over 28,000 projects. If it stays in that #5 position for the rest of July, a HarperCollins editor will be reviewing it for publication! It's very exciting and nerve racking!

On another note, here's what you can be expecting from my blog.
- Updates about Dancing Through Life and any of my other writing projects
- Book Reviews! I read A LOT, so I will now be reviewing every book I read.
- Some dance talk here and there.
-And the occasional story about what's going on in my life.

Well, I hope I didn't just bore you to death!
If I did, I'm sorry.
As you can tell, I'm pretty new to this.
I'll get better. :)



Munch said...

Hi. My name is Majken. I discovered Dancing Through Life on Inkpop and I am currently reading it. I really wanted to contact you, but I don't have an Inkpop. I am going to get one as soon as I finish my book, so I thought I should comment. I know, weird, random person commenting, but I didn't know how else to say how much I am enjoying Dancing Through Life! I am also a dancer, ballet for nine years, and I recently started writing. Hope this comment isn't too long.